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Follow Feston Pyxis (McQuown), a former file clerk who left it all behind in search of the best times the galaxy has to offer, on a road trip through the cosmos!

 "StarTripper!! feels like a combination of FuturamaGalaxy Quest, and Cowboy Bebop; it’s high-energy, hilarious, and feels like a fully-imagined world even with how ridiculous it is. If you like your sci-fi silly and your comedy whimsical, StarTripper!! is a great escape. " - Wil Williams, DiscoverPod


Ian stars in this 4 part sequel to the podcasted radio play, Deck The Halls with Matrimony. Trip (Ian) and Emma (Paula Deming) return for more radio romcom fun, navigating the perils of marriage engagement and family business. Keiko Agena, Kyle Payne, Jessica Payne, Martin Thompson, and Jesse Abbott Chin also star. Produced for Sassquach Radio by AP Quach and Paula Deming.


The Bright Sessions

is a science fiction audio drama about people with supernatural abilities in therapy. The podcast was created by Lauren Shippen and premiered on November 1st, 2015. In April of 2016, Mischa Stanton joined the team as a sound producer and technical expert. 

The Bright Sessions has been featured on iTunes, written about in multiple publications, and has received several awards. For more, please visit our press page. The podcast would not be possible without the amazing support from our patrons

Ian recurrs as Agent Green.

DEck The Halls

(With Matrimony) A CHRISTMAS PLAY

Two best pals, Emma and Jackie, are just trying to get through the holiday wedding season when a mysterious handsome stranger enters the picture… but when they discover his name on the invitations of their big Christmas wedding, that budding romance becomes their biggest disaster.  This year, forget your troubles in rush hour traffic with DECK THE HALLS WITH MATRIMONY.

Ian stars as Trip.


Created by Mischa Stanton, The Far Meridian tells the story of Peri, an agoraphobic young woman, whose home starts to show up in a new location every day, spurring on a search for her missing brother.

Though life is a long, meandering path with many branches, our story moves in a straight line. Start at the beginning.

Ian appears in episode 8 (A Fine Figure) as Julian Mundy.



When you've got a time machine and the backing of the most powerful nation on Earth, you start to get the idea that you can always tilt the scales in your favor, but there is cost and consequence for every action. Above all, it's about science, America, and the deeply human desire to fix our mistakes.

Ian appears in S02E17: Plasticity as Van.